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Fall from Fortune

Your office, Sergeant: execute it

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Your office, Sergeant: execute it.Hyperbaton
Sergeant, to Buckingham
My lord the Duke of Buckingham and Earl
Of Hertford, Stafford, and Northampton, I
Arrest thee of high treason, in the name
Of our most sovereign king.

I am the shadow of poor Buckingham,
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Prepare there! The Duke is coming.

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Vaux, calling as to Officers offstage
Prepare there!
The Duke is coming. See the barge be ready,
And fit it with such furniture as suits
The greatness of his person.
Nay, Sir Nicholas,
Let it alone. My state now will but mock me.Metonymy & Personification
When I came hither,
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Act 2
Scene 1
Line 116

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