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Henry VI Pt 2

Written: c. 1591; Texts: First Folio 1623 (History), quarto editions 1594, 1619, 1620
Source: Hall, Edward (1498-1547). The Union of the Two Noble and Illustre Families of Lancaster and York (3rd. ed., 1550); Holinshed, Raphael (c. 1528-c. 1580). The Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland. (2nd ed., 1587)
Characters: King Henry VI, Duke of Gloucester, Cardinal Beauford, Richard Plantagenet Duke of York, Richard Plantagenet (his third son), Duke of Somerset, Edward Earl of March, Duke of Suffolk, Duke of Buckingham, Lord Clifford, Earl of Warwick, Earl of Salisbury, Jack Cade, Sir Humphrey Stafford
Setting: London and France
Time: c. AD 1431-40

The 1594 quarto edition of what we now call Henry VI Part 2, was originally titled The First Part of the Contention of the Two Famous Houses of Lancaster and York, with the Death of the Good Duke Humphrey. This title anticipates a second part that would, in the First Folio, be titled Henry VI Part 3. Henry VI Part 2 and Henry VI Part 3 are the second and third plays in the First Tetralogy. The First Tetralogy, which was written between 1591 and 1595, comprises, in historical, not authorship order, Henry VI Part 1, Henry VI Part 2, Henry VI Part 3, and Richard III.


And humbly now upon my bended knee

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And humbly now upon my bended knee,
In sight of England and her lordly peers,
Deliver up my title in the Queen
To your most gracious hands, that are the substance
Of that great shadow I did represent:
The happiest gift that ever marquess gave,
The fairest queen that ever king received.
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Act 1
Scene 1
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