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Synesthesia is the mixing of one type of sensory input with another in an impossible way, such as speaking of how a color sounds, or how a smell looks.

Admit no other way to save his life

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Admit no other way to save his life—
As I subscribe not that, nor any other—
But, in the loss of question, that you, his sister,
Finding yourself desired of such a person
Whose credit with the judge, or own great place,
Could fetch your brother from Metonymythe manacles
Of the binding law,

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Come, cousin Angelo, In this I’ll be impartial

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Come, cousin Angelo,
In this I’ll be impartial. Be you judge
Of your own cause.  Duke and Angelo are seated.
 Enter Mariana, veiled.
Is this the witness, friar?
First, let her show her face, and after speak.
Pardon, my lord, I will not show my face
Until my husband bid me.
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