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Hysteron-Proteron (his'-ter-on pro'-ter-on) is a type of hyperbaton in which the disorder is not chronological, i.e., something that should happen second, happens first. “Th’ Antoniad, the Egyptian admiral, / With all their sixty, fly and turn the rudder.” Antony and Cleopatra, 3.10.1. Using anastrophe in a way that creates a catachresis; an impossible ordering on the literal level.

Hysteron-Proteron is an example of:

Naught, naught, all naught!

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Naught, naught, all naught! I can behold no longer.
Th’ Antoniad, the Egyptian admiral,
With all their sixty, fly and turn the rudder.Hysteron-Proteron

To see ’t mine eyes are blasted.
  Enter Scarus.
Gods and goddesses,
All the whole synod of them!
What’s thy passion?
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Act 3
Scene 10
Line 1

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