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Your Honor’s players, hearing your amendment

Your Honor’s players, hearing your amendment,
Are come to play a pleasant comedy,
For so your doctors hold it very meet,
Seeing too much sadness hath congealed your blood,
And melancholy is the nurse of frenzy.
Therefore they thought it good you hear a play
And frame your mind to mirth and merriment,
Which bars a thousand harms and lengthens life.
Marry, I will. Let them play it. Messenger exits.
Is not a comonty a Christmas gambold or a tumbling trick?
Page, as Lady
No, my good lord, it is more pleasing stuff.
What, household stuff?
Page, as Lady
It is a kind of history.
Well, we’ll see ’t. Come, madam wife, sit by my
side, and let the world slip. We shall ne’er be younger.
They sit.

Act Induction
Scene 2
Line 130

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