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You have broken The article of your oath

You have broken
The article of your oath, which you shall never
Have tongue to charge me with.
Soft, Caesar!
No, Lepidus, let him speak.
The honor is sacred which he talks on now,
Supposing that I lacked it.—But on, Caesar:
The article of my oath?
To lend me arms and aid when I required them,
The which you both denied.
Neglected, rather;
And then when poisoned hours had bound me up
From mine own knowledge. As nearly as I may
I'll play the penitent to you. But mine honesty
Shall not make poor my greatness, nor my power
Work without it. Truth is that Fulvia,
To have me out of Egypt, made wars here,
For which myself, the ignorant motive, do
So far ask pardon as befits mine honor
To stoop in such a case.
‘Tis noble spoken.

Act 2
Scene 2
Line 98

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