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You bear a gentle mind, and heav’nly blessings

You bear a gentle mindSynecdoche, and heav’nly blessings
Follow such creatures. That you may, fair lady,
Perceive I speak sincerely, and high note’s
Ta’en of your many virtues, the King’s Majesty
Commends his good opinion of you to you, and
Does purpose honor to youAnthimeria no less flowing
Than Marchioness of Pembroke, to which title
A thousand pound a year annual support
Out of his grace he adds.Hyperbaton

And who knows yet
But from this lady may proceed a gem
To lighten all this isle?

I do not know
What kind of my obedience I should tender.
More than my all is nothing, nor my prayers
Are not words duly hallowed, nor my wishes
More worth than empty vanities.Anaphora
Yet prayers and wishes
Are all I can return. ’Beseech your Lordship,
Vouchsafe to speak my thanks and my obedience,
AppositionAs from a blushing Alliterationhandmaid, to his Highness,
Whose health and royalty I pray for.Ellipsis

I shall not fail t’ approve the fair conceit
The King hath of you. (Aside.) I have perused her well.
Beauty and honor in her are so mingled
That they have caught the King. MetaphorAnd who knows yet
But from this lady may proceed a gem
To lighten all this isle?—EllipsisI’ll to the King
And say I spoke with you.Hyperbaton

My honored lord.Anapodoton
 Lord Chamberlain exit
Old Lady
Why, this it is! See, see!
AnatanaclasisI have been begging sixteen years in court,
Am yet a courtier beggarly,Epizeuxis
nor could
Come pat betwixt too early and too late
For any suit of pounds; and you—O, fate!—
MetaphorA very fresh fish hereApostrophe
fie, fie, fie upon
This compelled fortune!—have your mouth filled up
Before you open it.Aposiopesis, Alliteration, Epizeuxis, and Metaphor

This is strange to me.
Old Lady
How tastes it? Is it bitter? Forty pence, no.Pysma & Hypophora
There was a lady once—’tis an old story—
That would not be a queen, that would she not,
For all the mud in Egypt. Rhetorical QuestionHave you heard it?Alusion and Apposition

Come, you are pleasant.
Old Lady
With your theme, I could
O’ermount the lark. The Marchioness of Pembroke?
A thousand pounds a year for pure respect?
No other obligation? By my life,
That promises more thousands; Metaphorhonor’s train
Is longer than his foreskirt.Synecdoche By this time
I know your back will bear a duchess. Rhetorical QuestionSay,
Are you not stronger than you were?Pysma, Anapodoton & Rhetorical Questions

Good lady,
Make yourself mirth with your particular fancy,
And leave me out on ’t. Would I had no being
If this salute my blood a jot. It faints me
To think what follows.
The Queen is comfortless and we forgetful
In our long absence. Pray do not deliver
What here you’ve heard to her.
Old Lady
 What do you think me?Rhetorical Question
 They exit.