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Wrath-kindled gentlemen, be ruled by me

King Richard
Wrath-kindled gentlemen, be ruled by me.
Let’s purge this choler without letting blood.
This we prescribe, though no physician.
Deep malice makes too deep incision.

Forget, forgive; conclude and be agreed.
Our doctors say this is no month to bleed.

Forget, forgive; conclude and be agreed.
Our doctors say this is no month to bleed.—
Good uncle, let this end where it begun;
We’ll calm the Duke of Norfolk, you your son.
To be a make-peace shall become my age.—
Throw down, my son, the Duke of Norfolk’s gage.
King Richard
And, Norfolk, throw down his.
When, Harry, when?
Obedience bids I should not bid again.
King Richard
Norfolk, throw down, we bid; there is no boot.
Myself I throw, dread sovereign, at thy foot.
 Mowbray kneels.
My life thou shalt command, but not my shame.
The one my duty owes, but my fair name,
Despite of death that lives upon my grave,
To dark dishonor’s use thou shalt not have.
I am disgraced, impeached, and baffled here,
Pierced to the soul with slander’s venomed spear,
The which no balm can cure but his heart-blood
Which breathed this poison.
King Richard
Rage must be withstood.
Give me his gage. Lions make leopards tame.
Mowbray, standing
Yea, but not change his spots. Take but my shame
And I resign my gage. My dear dear lord,
The purest treasure mortal times afford
Is spotless reputation; that away,
Men are but gilded loam or painted clay.
A jewel in a ten-times-barred-up chest
Is a bold spirit in a loyal breast.
Mine honor is my life; both grow in one.
Take honor from me and my life is done.
Then, dear my liege, mine honor let me try.
In that I live, and for that will I die.

Act 1
Scene 1
Line 156

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