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Wilt thou be lord of all the world?

Menas, aside to Pompey
Wilt thou be lord of all the world?
What sayst thou?
Wilt thou be lord of the whole world? That's twice.
How should that be?
But entertain it,
And though thou think me poor, I am the man
Will give thee all the world.
Hast thou drunk well?
No, Pompey, I have kept me from the cup.
Thou art, if thou dar'st be, the earthly Jove.
Whate'er the ocean pales or sky inclips
Is thine, if thou wilt ha ‘t.
Show me which way.
These three world-sharers, these competitors,
Are in thy vessel. Let me cut the cable,
And when we are put off, fall to their throats.
All there is thine.
Ah, this thou shouldst have done
And not have spoke on ‘t! In me 'tis villainy;
In thee ‘t had been good service. Thou must know
‘Tis not my profit that does lead mine honor;
Mine honor, it. Repent that e'er thy tongue
Hath so betrayed thine act. Being done unknown,
I should have found it afterwards well done,
But must condemn it now. Desist and drink.
Menas, aside
For this
I'll never follow thy palled fortunes more.
Who seeks and will not take when once 'tis offered
Shall never find it more.

Act 2
Scene 7
Line 69

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