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Then I will kiss your lips, Kate

King Henry
Then I will kiss your lips, Kate.
Les dames et demoiselles, pour être baisées
devant leurs noces, il n'est pas la coutume de France.
King Henry
Madam my interpreter, what says she?Hyperbaton
—I cannot tell wat is baiser en Anglish.
King Henry
To kiss.

You have witchcraft in your lips, Kate.
There is more eloquence in a sugar touch of
them than in the tongues of the French council

Your Majesté entendre bettre que moi.
King Henry
It is not a fashion for the maids in France
to kiss before they are married, would she say?
Oui, vraiment.
King Henry
O Kate, nice customs curtsy to great
Dear Kate, you and I cannot be confined
within the weak list of a country's fashion. We are
the makers of manners,Alliteration Kate, and the liberty that
follows our places stops the mouth of all find-faults,
as I will do yours for upholding the nice fashion of
your country in denying me a kiss. Therefore,
patiently and yielding. He kisses her You have
witchcraft in your lipsMetaphor
, Kate. There is more eloquence
in a sugar touch of themMetaphor
than in the tongues
of the French council, and they should sooner
persuade Harry of England than a general petition
of monarchs.Personification

Act 5
Scene 2
Line 268

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