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What news, friar, of the Duke?

What news, friar, of the Duke?
Duke, as Friar
I know none. Can you tell me of any?
Some say he is with the Emperor of Russia; other
some, he is in Rome.Ellipis
But where is he, think you?
Duke, as Friar
I know not where, but wheresoever, I wish him well.

A little more lenity to lechery would do no harm in him

It was a mad fantastical trick of him to steal
from the state and usurp the beggary he was never
born to.Paronomasia & Paradox
Lord Angelo dukes it well in his absence.
He puts transgression to ’t.
Duke, as Friar
He does well in ’t.
A little more lenity to lechery would do no harm
in him.Alliteration
Something too crabbed that way, friar.
Duke, as Friar
It is too general a vice, and severity must cure it.
Yes, in good sooth, the vice is of a great kindred;
it is well allied, but it is impossible to extirp it quite,
friar, till eating and drinking be put down.Adynaton
They say
this Angelo was not made by man and woman after
this downright way of creation. Is it true, think you?
Duke, as Friar
How should he be made, then?
Some report a sea-maid spawned him; some,
that he was begot between two stockfishes. But it is
certain that when he makes water, his urine is
congealed ice; that I know to be true. And he is a
motion generative, that’s infallible.
Duke, as Friar
You are pleasant, sir, and speak apace.
Why, what a ruthless thing is this in him, for the
rebellion of a codpieceMetonymy
to take away the life of a
man! Would the duke that is absent have done this?
Ere he would have hanged a man for the getting
a hundred bastards, he would have paid for the
nursing a thousand.Alliosis
He had some feeling of the
sport, he knew the service, and that instructed him
to mercy.
Duke, as Friar
I never heard the absent duke much
detected for women. He was not inclined that way.
O, sir, you are deceived.

Act 3
Scene 2
Line 86

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