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What is thy name?

King John
What is thy name?
Philip, my liege, so is my name begun,
Philip, good old Sir Robert's wife's eldest son.
King John
From henceforth bear his name whose form thou bearest.
Kneel thou down Philip, but rise more great.

Philip kneels. King John dubs him a knight,
tapping him on the shoulder with his sword.

Arise Sir Richard and Plantagenet.
Bastard, rising, to Robert Faulconbridge
Brother by th' mother's side, give me your hand.
My father gave me honor, yours gave land.
Now blessèd be the hour, by night or day,
When I was got, Sir Robert was away!
Queen Eleanor
The very spirit of Plantagenet!
I am thy grandam, Richard. Call me so.
Madam, by chance but not by truth. What though?
Something about, a little from the right,
In at the window, or else o'er the hatch.
Who dares not stir by day must walk by night,
And have is have, however men do catch.
Near or far off, well won is still well shot,
And I am I, howe'er I was begot.
King John, to Robert Faulconbridge
Go, Faulconbridge, now hast thou thy desire.
A landless knight makes thee a landed squire.—
Come, madam,—and come, Richard. We must speed
For France, for France, for it is more than need.
Brother, adieu, good fortune come to thee,
For thou wast got i' th' way of honesty.
All but Bastard exit.
A foot of honor better than I was,
But many a many foot of land the worse.

Act 1
Scene 1
Line 161

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