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What do you ask of me, my friend?

What do you ask of me, my friend?
We wait for certain money here, sir.

Who can speak broader than he that has
no house to put his head in? Such may
rail against great buildings.

If money were as certain as your waiting,
’Twere sure enough.
Why then preferred you not your sums and bills
When your false masters eat of my lord’s meat?
Then they could smile and fawn upon his debts
And take down th’ int’rest into their glutt’nous maws.
You do yourselves but wrong to stir me up.
Let me pass quietly.
Believe ’t, my lord and I have made an end.
I have no more to reckon, he to spend.
Lucius’ Man
Ay, but this answer will not serve.
If ’twill not serve, ’tis not so base as you,
For you serve knaves. He exits.
Varro’s First Man
How? What does his cashiered
Worship mutter?
Varro’s Second Man
No matter what. He’s poor, and
that’s revenge enough. Who can speak broader
than he that has no house to put his head in? Such
may rail against great buildings.

Act 3
Scene 4
Line 55

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