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What are his words?

What are his words?
He prays you to save his life. He is a gentleman of a
good house, and for his ransom he will give you two
hundred crowns.

I did never know so full a voice issue from
so empty a heart. But the saying is true:
“The empty vessel makes the greatest sound.”

Tell him my fury shall abate, and I the crowns
will take.
French Soldier, to the Boy
Petit monsieur, que dit-il?
Encore qu’il est contre son jurement de pardonner
aucun prisonnier; néanmoins, pour les écus que vous
lui avez promis, il est content à vous donner la liberté,
le franchisement.
 French soldier kneels.
French Soldier
Sur mes genoux je vous donne mille
remercîments, et je m’estime heureux que j’ai tombé
entre les mains d’un chevalier, je pense, le plus brave,
vaillant, et très distingué seigneur d’Angleterre.
Expound unto me, boy.
He gives you upon his knees a thousand thanks,
and he esteems himself happy that he hath fall’n
into the hands of one, as he thinks, the most
brave, valorous, and thrice-worthy seigneur of England.
As I suck blood, I will some mercy show.
Follow me.
Suivez-vous le grand capitaine.
 The French Soldier stands up. He and Pistol exit.
I did never know so full a voice issue from so empty
a heart. But the saying is true: “The empty vessel
makes the greatest sound.” Bardolph and Nym had
ten times more valor than this roaring devil i’ th’ old
play, that everyone may pare his nails with a wooden
dagger, and they are both hanged, and so would
this be if he durst steal anything adventurously. I
must stay with the lackeys with the luggage of our
camp. The French might have a good prey of us if he
knew of it, for there is none to guard it but boys.
 He exits.

Act 4
Scene 4
Line 43

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