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Well, the King hath severed you and Prince Harry

Chief Justice
Well, the King hath severed you and
Prince Harry. I hear you are going with Lord John
of Lancaster against the Archbishop and the Earl of

But it was always yet the trick of our
English nation, if they have a good
thing, to make it too common.

Yea, I thank your pretty sweet wit for it. But
look you pray, all you that kiss my Lady Peace at
home, that our armies join not in a hot day, for, by
the Lord, I take but two shirts out with me, and I
mean not to sweat extraordinarily. If it be a hot day
and I brandish anything but a bottle, I would I
might never spit white again. There is not a dangerous
action can peep out his head but I am thrust
upon it. Well, I cannot last ever. But it was always
yet the trick of our English nation, if they have a
good thing, to make it too common. If you will
needs say I am an old man, you should give me rest.
I would to God my name were not so terrible to the
enemy as it is. I were better to be eaten to death
with a rust than to be scoured to nothing with
perpetual motion.
Chief Justice
Well, be honest, be honest, and God
bless your expedition.
Will your Lordship lend me a thousand
pound to furnish me forth?
Chief Justice
Not a penny, not a penny. You are too
impatient to bear crosses. Fare you well. Commend
me to my cousin Westmoreland.
 Lord Chief Justice and his Servant exit.
If I do, fillip me with a three-man beetle. A
man can no more separate age and covetousness
than he can part young limbs and lechery; but the
gout galls the one, and the pox pinches the other,
and so both the degrees prevent my curses.—Boy!
What money is in my purse?
Seven groats and two pence.
I can get no remedy against this consumption
of the purse. Borrowing only lingers and lingers
it out, but the disease is incurable.
 Giving papers to the Page.
Go bear this letter to my Lord
of Lancaster, this to the Prince, this to the Earl
of Westmoreland, and this to old Mistress Ursula,
whom I have weekly sworn to marry since I perceived
the first white hair of my chin. About it. You
know where to find me.
 Page exits.
A pox of this gout! Or a gout of this pox, for the
one or the other plays the rogue with my great toe.
’Tis no matter if I do halt. I have the wars for my
color, and my pension shall seem the more reasonable.
A good wit will make use of anything. I will turn
diseases to commodity.
 He exits.


Act 1
Scene 2
Line 207

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