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Well, My peace we will begin

My peace we will begin. And, Caius Lucius,
Although the victor, we submit to Caesar
And to the Roman Empire, promising
To pay our wonted tribute, from the which
We were dissuaded by our wicked queen,
Whom heavens in justice both on her and hers
Have laid most heavy hand.

The fingers of the powers above do tune
The harmony of this peace.

The fingers of the powers above do tune
The harmony of this peace.Synecdoche and Metaphor
The vision
Which I made known to Lucius ere the stroke
Of this yet scarce-cold battle at this instant
Is full accomplished. For the Roman eagle,Metonymy
From south to west on wing soaring aloft,
Lessened herself and in the beams o' th' sun
So vanished; which foreshowed our princely eagle,
Th' imperial CaesarMetaphor
, should again unite
His favor with the radiant Cymbeline,
Which shines here in the west.
HyperbatonLaud we the gods,
And let our crooked smokes climb to their nostrils
From our blest altars. HyperbatonPublish we this peace
To all our subjects. HyperbatonSet we forward.Anaphora
A Roman and a British ensign wave
Friendly together. ”Hyperbaton”So through Lud's-Town march,
And in the temple of great Jupiter
Our peace we'll ratify;Hyperbaton seal it with feasts.
Set on there! Never was a war did cease
Ere bloody hands were wash'd with such a peace.

Act 5
Scene 5
Line 558

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