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We must not make a scarecrow of the law

We must not make a scarecrow of the law,
Setting it up to fear the birds of prey,
And let it keep one shape till custom make it
AntithesisTheir perch and not their terror.Metaphor

Well, heaven forgive him and forgive us all.
Some rise by sin and some by virtue fall.

Ay, but yet
Let us be keen and rather cut a little
Then fall and bruise to death.Alliosis
Alas, this gentleman
Whom I would save had a most noble father.
Let but your Honor know,
Whom I believe to be most strait in virtue,
That, in the working of your own affections,
Had time cohered with place, or place with wishing,Anadiplosis
Or that the resolute acting of your bloodSynecdoche
Could have attained th’ effect of your own purpose,
Whether you had not sometime in your life
Erred in this point which now you censure him,
And pulled the law upon you.
’Tis one thing to be tempted, Escalus,
Another thing to fall.Alliosis
I not deny
The jury passing on the prisoner’s life
May in the sworn twelve have a thief or two
Guiltier than him they try.Analogy
What’s open made to justice,
That justice seizes. What knows the laws
That thieves do pass on thieves?Rhetorical Question
 ’Tis very pregnant,
The jewel that we find, we stoop and take ’t
Because we see it; but what we do not see,
We tread upon and never think of it.Analogy

You may not so extenuate his offense
For I have had such faults; but rather tell me,
When I that censure him do so offend,
Let mine own judgment pattern out my death,
And nothing come in partial. Sir, he must die.
 Enter Provost.
Be it as your wisdom will.
Where is the Provost?
Here, if it like your Honor.
See that Claudio
Be executed by nine tomorrow morning.
Bring him his confessor, let him be prepared,
For that’s the utmost of his pilgrimage.Metaphor
 Provost exits.
Well, heaven forgive him and forgive us all.Anadiplosis
Some rise by sin and some by virtue fall.Antithesis
Some run from brakes of ice and answer none,
And some condemnèd for a fault alone.Antithesis

Act 2
Scene 1
Line 1

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