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Stand up, good Canterbury!

Stand up, good Canterbury!
Thy truth and thy integrity is rooted
In us, thy friend. Give me thy hand. Stand up.
 Cranmer rises.
Prithee, let’s walk. Now by my halidom,
What manner of man are you? My lord, I looked
You would have given me your petition that
I should have ta’en some pains to bring together
Yourself and your accusers and to have heard you
Without endurance further.

You are potently opposed, and with a malice
Of as great size.

Most dread liege,
The good I stand on is my truth and honesty.
If they shall fail, I with mine enemies
Will triumph o’er my person, which I weigh not,
Being of those virtues vacant. I fear nothing
What can be said against me.
Know you not
How your state stands i’ th’ world, with the whole world?
Your enemies are many and not small; their practices
Must bear the same proportion, and not ever
The justice and the truth o’ th’ question carries
The due o’ th’ verdict with it. At what ease
Might corrupt minds procure knaves as corrupt
To swear against you? Such things have been done.
You are potently opposed, and with a malice
Of as great size. Ween you of better luck,
I mean in perjured witness, than your master,
Whose minister you are, whiles here he lived
Upon this naughty earth? Go to, go to.
You take a precipice for no leap of danger
And woo your own destruction.
God and your Majesty
Protect mine innocence, or I fall into
The trap is laid for me.
Be of good cheer.
They shall no more prevail than we give way to.
Keep comfort to you, and this morning see
You do appear before them. If they shall chance,
In charging you with matters, to commit you,
The best persuasions to the contrary
Fail not to use, and with what vehemency
Th’ occasion shall instruct you. If entreaties
Will render you no remedy, this ring
Deliver them, and your appeal to us
There make before them.
 He gives Cranmer a ring.
 Aside.  Look, the good man weeps!
He’s honest, on mine honor! God’s blest mother,
I swear he is truehearted, and a soul
None better in my kingdom.—Get you gone,
And do as I have bid you.
 Cranmer exits.
He has strangled
His language in his tears.

Act 5
Scene 1
Line 141

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