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Excellent! Why, this is the best fooling when all is done

Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Excellent! Why, this is the best fooling when
all is done. Now, a song!
Sir Toby Belch, giving money to the Fool
Come on, there is
sixpence for you. Let's have a song.
Sir Andrew Aguecheek, giving money to the Fool
There's a testril of
me, too. If one knight give a—
Would you have a love song or a song of good
Sir Toby Belch
A love song, a love song.
Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Ay, ay, I care not for good life.

Fool sings

O mistress mine, where are you roaming?
O, stay and hear! Your truelove's coming,
That can sing both high and low.
Trip no further, pretty sweeting.
Journeys end in lovers meeting,
Every wise man's son doth know.

Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Excellent good, i' faith!
Sir Toby Belch
Good, good.

Fool sings

What is love? ‘Tis not hereafter.
Present mirth hath present laughter.
What's to come is still unsure.
In delay there lies no plenty,
Then come kiss me, sweet and twenty.
Youth's a stuff will not endure.

Sir Andrew Aguecheek
A mellifluous voice, as I am true knight.
Sir Toby Belch
A contagious breath.
Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Very sweet and contagious, i' faith.
Sir Toby Belch
To hear by the nose, it is dulcet in contagion.
But shall we make the welkin dance indeed? Shall
we rouse the night owl in a catch that will draw
three souls out of one weaver? Shall we do that?
Sir Andrew Aguecheek
An you love me, let's do ‘t. I am dog at a
By ‘r Lady, sir, and some dogs will catch well.
Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Most certain. Let our catch be “Thou
“Hold thy peace, thou knave,” knight? I shall be
constrained in ‘t to call thee “knave,” knight.
Sir Andrew Aguecheek
‘Tis not the first time I have constrained one
to call me “knave.” Begin, Fool. It begins “Hold
thy peace.”
I shall never begin if I hold my peace.
Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Good, i' faith. Come, begin. Catch sung.

Act 2
Scene 3
Line 30

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