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O, here’s The lady that I sent for

O, here's
The lady that I sent for. Welcome, fair one!
—Is't not a goodly presence?
She's a gallant lady.
She's such a one that were I well assur'd
Came of a gentle kind and noble stock,
I'd wish no better choice, and think me rarely to wed.
Fair one, all goodness that consists in beauty,
Expect even here, where is a kingly patient,
If that thy prosperous and artificial feat
Can draw him but to answer thee in aught,
Thy sacred physic shall receive such pay
As thy desires can wish.
Sir, I will use
My utmost skill in his recovery, provided
That none but I and my companion maid
Be suffered to come near him.
Come, let us leave her,
And the gods make her prosperous!

Act 5
Scene 1
Line 64

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