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Musicians, O musicians, “Heart’s ease,”

Musicians, O musicians, “Heart’s ease,”
“Heart’s ease.” O, an you will have me live, play
“Heart’s ease.”
First Musician
Why “Heart’s ease?”
O musicians, because my heart itself plays “My
heart is full.” O, play me some merry dump to
comfort me.

I’ll re you, I’ll fa you. Do you note me?

First Musician
Not a dump, we. ’Tis no time to play now.
You will not then?
First Musician
I will then give it you soundly.
First Musician
What will you give us?
No money, on my faith, but the gleek. I will give
you the minstrel.
First Musician
Then will I give you the serving-creature.
Then will I lay the serving-creature’s dagger on
your pate. I will carry no crochets. I’ll re you, I’ll fa
you. Do you note me?
First Musician
An you re us and fa us, you note us.Onomatopoeia

Second Musician
Pray you, put up your dagger and
put out your wit.
Then have at you with my wit. I will dry-beat
you with an iron wit, and put up my iron dagger.
Answer me like men.   Sings.  

When griping griefs the heart doth wound
And doleful dumps the mind oppress,
Then music with her silver sound—

Why “silver sound”? Why “music with her silver
sound”? What say you, Simon Catling?
First Musician
Marry, sir, because silver hath a
sweet sound.
Prates.—What say you, Hugh Rebeck?
Second Musician
I say “silver sound” because musicians
sound for silver.
Prates too.—What say you, James Soundpost?
Third Musician
Faith, I know not what to say.
O, I cry you mercy. You are the singer. I will say
for you. It is “music with her silver sound” because
musicians have no gold for sounding:  Sings.

Then music with her silver sound
With speedy help doth lend redress.

 He exits.
First Musician
What a pestilent knave is this same!
Second Musician
Hang him, Jack. Come, we’ll in
here, tarry for the mourners, and stay dinner.
 They  exit.

Act 4
Scene 5
Line 106

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