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Little Helen, farewell

Little Helen, farewell. If I can remember
thee, I will think of thee at court.
Monsieur Parolles, you were born under a
charitable star.
Under Mars, I.Hyperbaton & Ellipsis
I especially think under Mars.

Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie,
Which we ascribe to heaven

Why under Mars?Ellipsis
The wars hath so kept you under that you
must needs be born under Mars.
When he was predominant.Ellipsis
When he was retrograde, I think rather.Hyperbaton & Ellipsis
Why think you so?Hyperbaton & Ellipsis
You go so much backward when you fight.Hyperbaton
That's for advantage.
So is running away, when fear proposes the
safety. But the composition that your valor and
fear makes in you is a virtue of a good wing, and I
like the wear well.
I am so full of businesses I cannot answer
thee acutely. I will return perfect courtier, in the
which my instruction shall serve to naturalize
thee, so thou wilt be capable of a courtier's counsel
and understand what advice shall thrust upon
thee, else thou diest in thine unthankfulness, and
thine ignorance makes thee away. Farewell. When
thou hast leisure, say thy prayers; when thou hast
none, remember thy friends.Anaphora & Alliosis
Get thee a good husband,
and use him as he uses thee. So, farewell.
 Parolles and Page exit.
Our remedies oft in ourselves do lieHyperbaton,
Which we ascribe to heaven. The fated sky
Gives us free scope, only doth backward pull
Our slow designsHyperbaton
when we ourselves are dull.
What power is it which mounts my love so high,
That makes me see, and cannot feed mine eye?
The mightiest space in fortune nature brings
To join like likes and kiss like native thingsAntanaclasis.
Impossible be strange attempts to those
That weigh their pains in sense and do suppose
What hath been cannot beHyperbaton
. Who ever strove
To show her merit that did miss her love?Rhetorical Question

The King's disease—my project may deceive me,
But my intents are fixed and will not leave me.
 She exits.