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Is she so hot a shrew as she’s reported?

Is she so hot a shrew as she’s reported?
She was, good Curtis, before this frost. But
thou know’st winter tames man, woman, and
beast, for it hath tamed my old master and my new
mistress and myself, fellow Curtis.
Away, you three-inch fool, I am no beast!
Am I but three inches? Why, thy horn is a
foot, and so long am I, at the least. But wilt thou
make a fire? Or shall I complain on thee to our
mistress, whose hand (she being now at hand) thou
shalt soon feel, to thy cold comfort, for being slow in
thy hot office?
I prithee, good Grumio, tell me, how goes the world?
A cold world, Curtis, in every office but thine,
and therefore fire! Do thy duty, and have thy duty,
for my master and mistress are almost frozen to death.
There’s fire ready. And therefore, good Grumio,
the news!
Why, “Jack boy, ho boy!” and as much news
as wilt thou.
Come, you are so full of cony-catching.
Why, therefore fire, for I have caught extreme
cold. Where’s the cook? Is supper ready, the house
trimmed, rushes strewed, cobwebs swept, the servingmen
in their new fustian, their white stockings,
and every officer his wedding garment on? Be
the Jacks fair within, the Jills fair without, the
carpets laid, and everything in order?
All ready. And therefore, I pray thee, news.

Act 4
Scene 1
Line 19

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