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If the great gods be just

If the great gods be just, they shall assist
The deeds of justest men.
Know, worthy Pompey,
That what they do delay they not deny.
Whiles we are suitors to their throne, decays
The thing we sue for.
We, ignorant of ourselves,
Beg often our own harms, which the wise powers
Deny us for our good; so find we profit
By losing of our prayers.
I shall do well.
The people love me, and the sea is mine;
My powers are crescent, and my auguring hope
Says it will come to th' full. Mark Antony
In Egypt sits at dinner, and will make
No wars without doors. Caesar gets money where
He loses hearts. Lepidus flatters both,
Of both is flattered; but he neither loves,
Nor either cares for him.

Act 2
Scene 1
Line 1

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