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If, Duke of Burgundy, you would the peace

King Henry
If, Duke of Burgundy, you would the peace,
Whose want gives growth to th’ imperfections
Which you have cited, you must buy that peace
With full accord to all our just demands,
Whose tenors and particular effects
You have, enscheduled briefly, in your hands.
The King hath heard them, to the which as yet
There is no answer made.
King Henry
Well then, the peace which you before so urged
Lies in his answer.
King of France
I have but with a cursitory eyeEpenthesis
O’erglanced the articles. Pleaseth your Grace
To appoint some of your council presently
To sit with us once more with better heed
To resurvey them, we will suddenly
Pass our accept and peremptory answer.
King Henry
Brother, we shall.—Go, uncle Exeter,
And brother Clarence, and you, brother Gloucester,
Warwick, and Huntington, go with the King,
And take with you free power to ratify,
Augment, or alter, as your wisdoms best
Shall see advantageable for our dignity,
Anything in or out of our demands,
And we’ll consign thereto.—Will you, fair sister,
Go with the princes or stay here with us?
Queen of France
Our gracious brother, I will go with them.
Haply a woman’s voice may do some good
When articles too nicely urged be stood on.
King Henry
Yet leave our cousin Katherine here with us.
She is our capital demand, comprised
Within the forerank of our articles.
Queen of France 
She hath good leave.
 All but Katherine, and the King of England, and Alice exit.

Act 5
Scene 2
Line 69

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