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I know not what the success will be

I know not what the success will be, my
lord, but the attempt I vow.
I know thou ‘rt valiant, and to the possibility
of thy soldiership will subscribe for thee. Farewell.

I love not many words.

I love not many words. He exits.
First Lord
No more than a fish loves water. Is not this
a strange fellow, my lord, that so confidently seems
to undertake this business which he knows is not
to be done, damns himself to do, and dares better
be damned than to do ‘t?
Second Lord
You do not know him, my lord, as we do.
Certain it is that he will steal himself into a man's
favor and for a week escape a great deal of discoveries,
but when you find him out, you have him ever after.
Why, do you think he will make no deed at
all of this that so seriously he does address himself unto?
First Lord
None in the world, but return with an
invention and clap upon you two or three probable
lies. But we have almost embossed him. You shall
see his fall tonight; for indeed he is not for your
Lordship's respect.
Second Lord
We'll make you some sport with the fox
ere we case him. He was first smoked by the old
Lord Lafew. When his disguise and he is parted,
tell me what a sprat you shall find him, which you
shall see this very night.
First Lord
I must go look my twigs. He shall be caught.

Act 3
Scene 6
Line 81

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