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How is the King employed?

How is the King employed?
I left him private,
Full of sad thoughts and troubles.
What’s the cause?
It seems the marriage with his brother’s wife
Has crept too near his conscience.
No, his conscience
Has crept too near another lady.Anadiplosis

His curses and his blessings
Touch me alike: they’re breath I not believe in.

’Tis so;
This is the Cardinal’s doing. The king-cardinal,
That blind priest, like the eldest son of Fortune,
Turns what he list.Allusion
The King will know him one day.
Pray God he do! He’ll never know himself else.Alliosis

How holily he works in all his business,
And with what zeal! For, now he has cracked the league
Between us and the Emperor, the Queen’s great-nephew,
He dives into the King’s soul and there scatters
Dangers, doubts, wringing of the conscience,
Fears and despairsMetaphor
—and all these for his marriage.
And out of all these to restore the King,
He counsels a divorce, a loss of her
That like a jewel has hung twenty years
About his neck, yet never lost her luster;
SimileOf her that loves him with that excellence
That angels love good men withSimile
; even of her
That, when the greatest stroke of fortune falls,Alliteration
Will bless the King. And is not this course pious?
Heaven keep me from such counsel! ’Tis most true:
These news are everywhere, every tongue speaks ’em,
And every true heart weeps for ’t.Synecdoche
All that dare
Look into these affairs see this main end,
The French king’s sister. Heaven will one day open
The King’s eyes, that so long have slept upon
This bold bad man.Metonymy & Synecdoche

And free us from his slavery.
We had need pray,
And heartily, for our deliverance,
Or this imperious man will work us all
From princes into pages. All men’s honors
Lie like one lump before him, to be fashioned
Into what pitch he please.Alliteration & Simile

For me, my lords,
I love him not nor fear him; there’s my creed.
As I am made without him, so I’ll stand,
If the King please. His curses and his blessings
Touch me alike: they’re breath I not believe in.Metonymy
I knew him and I know him; so I leave him
To him that made him proud, the Pope.Antanaclasis, Diacope, Epistrophe, and Polysyndeton

Let’s in,Ellipsis
And with some other business put the King
From these sad thoughts that work too much upon him.—
My lord, you’ll bear us company?
Excuse me;
The King has sent me otherwhere. Besides,
You’ll find a most unfit time to disturb him.Ellipsis
Health to your Lordships.
Thanks, my good Lord Chamberlain.