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Hear you, cousin, a word

Hear you, cousin, a word.
All studies here I solemnly defy,
Save how to gall and pinch this Bolingbroke.
And that same sword-and-buckler Prince of Wales—
But that I think his father loves him not
And would be glad he met with some mischance—
I would have him poisoned with a pot of ale.

Why, what a candy deal of courtesy
This fawning greyhound then did proffer me

Farewell, kinsman. I’ll talk to you
When you are better tempered to attend.
Northumberland, to Hotspur
Why, what a wasp-stung and impatient fool
Art thou to break into this woman’s mood,
Tying thine ear to no tongue but thine own!
Why, look you, I am whipped and scourged with rods,
Nettled and stung with pismires, when I hear
Of this vile politician, Bolingbroke.
In Richard’s time—what do you call the place?
A plague upon it! It is in Gloucestershire.
’Twas where the madcap duke his uncle kept,
His uncle York, where I first bowed my knee
Unto this king of smiles, this Bolingbroke.
’Sblood, when you and he came back from
At Berkeley Castle.
You say true.
Why, what a candy deal of courtesy
This fawning greyhound then did proffer me:
“Look when his infant fortune came to age,”
And “gentle Harry Percy,” and “kind cousin.”
O, the devil take such cozeners!—God forgive me!
Good uncle, tell your tale. I have done.
Nay, if you have not, to it again.
We will stay your leisure.
I have done, i’ faith

Act 1
Scene 3
Line 235

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