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Health to you, valiant sir

Health to you, valiant sir,
During all question of the gentle truce;
But when I meet you armed, as black defiance
As heart can think or courage execute.
The one and other Diomed embraces.
Our bloods are now in calm, and, so long, health;
But when contention and occasion meet,
By Jove, I'll play the hunter for thy life
With all my force, pursuit, and policy.
And thou shalt hunt a lion that will fly
With his face backward. In human gentleness,
Welcome to Troy. Now, by Anchises' life,
Welcome indeed. By Venus' hand I swear
No man alive can love in such a sort
The thing he means to kill more excellently.
We sympathize. Jove, let Aeneas live,
If to my sword his fate be not the glory,
A thousand complete courses of the sun!
But in mine emulous honor let him die
With every joint a wound and that tomorrow.
We know each other well.
We do, and long to know each other worse.
This is the most despiteful gentle greeting,
The noblest hateful love, that e'er I heard of.

Act 4
Scene 1
Line 12

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