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The hand that hath made you fair hath made you good

Duke, as Friar, to Isabella
The hand that hath made you fair hath made you good.
The goodness that is cheap in beauty makes beauty brief
in goodness,Chiasmus
but grace, being the soul of your complexion,
shall keep the body of it ever fair. The assault that Angelo
hath made to you, fortune hath conveyed to my
understanding;Personification & Metonymy
and but that frailty hath examples
for his falling, I should wonder at Angelo. How will
you do to content this substitute and to save your brother?

I had rather my brother die by the law
than my son should be unlawfully born.

I am now going to resolve him. I had rather
my brother die by the law than my son should be
unlawfully born.Alliosis & Antanaclasis
But, O, how much is the good
duke deceived in Angelo! If ever he return, and I
can speak to him, I will open my lips in vain, or
discover his government.Synecdoche & Alliosis

Duke, as Friar
That shall not be much amiss. Yet, as the matter now stands,
he will avoid your accusation: he made trial of you only.
Therefore, fasten your ear on my advisings. To the love
I have in doing good, a remedy presents itself. I do make
myself believe that you may most uprighteously do a poor
wronged lady a merited benefit, Personificationredeem your brother
from the angry law,Synecdoche
do no stain to your own gracious person,Metaphor & Metonymy
and much please the absent duke, if peradventure he shall
ever return to have hearing of this business.
Let me hear you speak farther. I have spirit to
do anything that appears not foul in the truth of my spirit.Antanaclasis

Duke, as Friar
Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful.Transferred Epithet & Isocolon