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Good even, good father

Good even, good father.
Duke, as Friar
Bliss and goodness on you.
Of whence are you?
Duke, as Friar
Not of this country, though my chance is now
To use it for my time. I am a brother
Of gracious order, late come from the See
In special business from his Holiness.
What news abroad i’ th’ world?

Much upon this riddle runs the wisdom of the world.
This news is old enough, yet it is every day’s news.

Duke, as Friar
None but that there is so great a fever
on goodness that the dissolution of it must cure it.Metaphor

Novelty is only in request, and it is as dangerous to
be aged in any kind of course as it is virtuous to be
constant in any undertaking.Alliosisi
There is scarce truth
enough alive to make societies secure, but security
enough to make fellowships accursed.Anadiplosis
Much upon
this riddle runs the wisdom of the world.Alliteration
 This news
is old enough, yet it is every day’s news.Paradox
I pray you,
sir, of what disposition was the Duke?
One that, above all other strifes, contended
especially to know himself.
Duke, as Friar
What pleasure was he given to?
Rather rejoicing to see another merry than
merry at anything which professed to make him
—a gentleman of all temperance. But leave
we him to his events, with a prayer they may prove
and let me desire to know how you find
Claudio prepared. I am made to understand that
you have lent him visitation.
Duke, as Friar
He professes to have received no sinister measure
from his judge but most willingly humbles himself
to the determination of justice. Yet had he framed to
himself, by the instruction of his frailty, many deceiving
promises of life, which I, by my good leisure, have
discredited to him, and now is he resolved to die.
You have paid the heavens your function and
the prisoner the very debt of your calling. I have
labored for the poor gentleman to the extremest
shore of my modesty, but my brother justice have I
found so severe that he hath forced me to tell him
he is indeed Justice.
Duke, as Friar
If his own life answer the straitness of his proceeding,
it shall become him well; wherein if he chance to fail,
he hath sentenced himself.
I am going to visit the prisoner. Fare you well.
Duke, as Friar
Peace be with you.

Act 3
Scene 2
Line 215

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