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God save your Majesty

God save your Majesty. My royal cousin,
teach you our princess English?
King Henry
I would have her learn, my fair cousin, how
perfectly I love her, and that is good English.

I would have her learn, my fair cousin, how
perfectly I love her, and that is good English.

Is she not apt?
King Henry
Our tongue is rough, coz, and my condition
is not smooth, so that, having neither the voice
nor the heart of flattery about me, I cannot so
conjure up the spirit of love in her that he will
appear in his true likeness.
Pardon the frankness of my mirth if I
answer you for that. If you would conjure in her,
you must make a circle; if conjure up Love in her in
his true likeness, he must appear naked and blind.
Can you blame her, then, being a maid yet rosed
over with the virgin crimson of modesty, if she deny
the appearance of a naked blind boy in her naked
seeing self? It were, my lord, a hard condition for a
maid to consign to.
King Henry
Yet they do wink and yield, as love is
blind and enforces.
They are then excused, my lord, when they
see not what they do.
King Henry
Then, good my lord, teach your cousin to
consent winking.
I will wink on her to consent, my lord, if
you will teach her to know my meaning, for maids
well summered and warm kept are like flies at
Bartholomew-tide: blind, though they have their
eyes; and then they will endure handling, which
before would not abide looking on.
King Henry
This moral ties me over to time and a hot
summer. And so I shall catch the fly, your cousin,
in the latter end, and she must be blind too.
As love is, my lord, before it loves.
King Henry
It is so. And you may, some of you, thank
love for my blindness, who cannot see many a fair
French city for one fair French maid that stands in
my way.
King of France
Yes, my lord, you see them perspectively, the cities
turned into a maid, for they are all girdled with
maiden walls that war hath never entered.
King Henry
Shall Kate be my wife?
King of France
So please you.
King Henry
I am content, so the maiden cities you
talk of may wait on her. So the maid that stood in
the way for my wish shall show me the way to my will.
King of France
We have consented to all terms of reason.

Act 5
Scene 2
Line 293

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