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Give me some music

Give me some music—music, moody food
Of us that trade in love.
The music, ho!

Enter Mardian the eunuch.

Let it alone. Let's to billiards. Come, Charmian.
My arm is sore. Best play with Mardian.
As well a woman with an eunuch played
As with a woman.—Come, you'll play with me, sir?
As well as I can, madam.
And when good will is showed, though ‘t come too short,
The actor may plead pardon. I'll none now.
Give me mine angle; we'll to th' river. There,
My music playing far off, I will betray
Tawny-finned  fishes. My bended hook shall pierce
Their slimy jaws, and as I draw them up
I'll think them every one an Antony
And say “Aha! You're caught.”
‘Twas merry when
You wagered on your angling; when your diver
Did hang a salt fish on his hook, which he
With fervency drew up.
That time?—O, times!—
I laughed him out of patience; and that night
I laughed him into patience; and next morn,
Ere the ninth hour, I drunk him to his bed,
Then put my tires and mantles on him, whilst
I wore his sword Philippan.

Act 2
Scene 5
Line 1

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