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Give me pardon, sir

Give me pardon, sir. If, sir, you come with
news from the court, I take it there’s but two ways,
either to utter them, or to conceal them. I am, sir,
under the King in some authority.
Under which king, besonian? Speak or die.

“Where is the life that late I led?” say they.
Why, here it is. Welcome these pleasant days.

Under King Harry.
Harry the Fourth, or Fifth?
Harry the Fourth.
A foutre for thine office!—
Sir John, thy tender lambkin now is king.
Harry the Fifth’s the man. I speak the truth.
When Pistol lies, do this and fig me, like
The bragging Spaniard.Pistol makes a fig.
What, is the old king dead?
As nail in door. The things I speak are just.
Away, Bardolph.—Saddle my horse.—
Master Robert Shallow, choose what office thou
wilt in the land, ’tis thine.—Pistol, I will double-charge
thee with dignities.
O joyful day! I would not take a knight-hood
for my fortune.
What, I do bring good news!
Carry Master Silence to bed.—Master Shallow,
my Lord Shallow, be what thou wilt. I am
Fortune’s steward. Get on thy boots. We’ll ride all
night.—O sweet Pistol!—Away, Bardolph!—Come,
Pistol, utter more to me, and withal devise something
to do thyself good.—Boot, boot, Master Shallow.
I know the young king is sick for me. Let us
take any man’s horses. The laws of England are at
my commandment. Blessed are they that have been
my friends, and woe to my Lord Chief Justice!
Let vultures vile seize on his lungs also!
“Where is the life that late I led?” say they.
Why, here it is. Welcome these pleasant days.
 They exit.

Act 5
Scene 3
Line 110

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