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Come, sir, which men shall I have?

Come, sir, which men shall I have?
Four of which you please.
Bardolph, aside to Falstaff
Sir, a word with you. I have three pound to free
Mouldy and Bullcalf.

O, give me the spare men, and spare
me the great ones.

Go to, well.
Come, Sir John, which four will you have?
Do you choose for me.
Marry, then, Mouldy, Bullcalf, Feeble, and Shadow.
Mouldy and Bullcalf! For you, Mouldy, stay
at home till you are past service.—And for your
part, Bullcalf, grow till you come unto it. I will
none of you.
 Mouldy and Bullcalf exit.
Sir John, Sir John, do not yourself wrong. They are
your likeliest men, and I would have you served
with the best.
Will you tell me, Master Shallow, how to
choose a man? Care I for the limb, the thews, the
stature, bulk and big assemblance of a man? Give
me the spirit, Master Shallow. Here’s Wart. You see
what a ragged appearance it is. He shall charge you
and discharge you with the motion of a pewterer’s
hammer, come off and on swifter than he that
gibbets on the brewer’s bucket. And this same half-faced
fellow, Shadow, give me this man. He presents
no mark to the enemy. The foeman may with
as great aim level at the edge of a penknife. And for
a retreat, how swiftly will this Feeble, the woman’s
tailor, run off! O, give me the spare men, and spare
me the great ones.—Put me a caliver into Wart’s
hand, Bardolph.
Bardolph, giving Wart a musket
Hold, Wart. Traverse. Thas, thas, thas.
Falstaff, to Wart
Come, manage me your caliver: so,
very well, go to, very good, exceeding good. O, give
me always a little, lean, old, chopped, bald shot.
Well said, i’ faith, Wart. Th’ art a good scab. Hold,
there’s a tester for thee.
 He gives Wart money.

Act 3
Scene 2
Line 250

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