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Come hither, captain

Come hither, captain. Hark.
Handing him a paper.
Take thou this note. Go follow them to prison.
One step I have advanced thee. If thou dost
As this instructs thee, thou dost make thy way
To noble fortunes. Know thou this: that men
Are as the time is; to be tender-minded
Does not become a sword. Thy great employment
Will not bear question. Either say thou ‘lt do ‘t,
Or thrive by other means.
I'll do ‘t, my lord.
About it, and write “happy” when th' hast done.
Mark, I say, instantly, and carry it so
As I have set it down.
I cannot draw a cart, nor eat dried oats.
If it be man's work, I'll do ‘t.
Captain exits.

Act 5
Scene 3
Line 31

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