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Can this be so? Did Angelo so leave her?

Can this be so? Did Angelo so leave her?Pysma
Duke, as Friar
Left her in her tears and dried not one
of them with his comfort, swallowed his vows
whole,Ellipsis & Metaphors
pretending in her discoveries of dishonor; in
few, bestowed her on her own lamentation, which
she yet wears for his sake; and he, a marble to her
tears, is washed with them but relents not.Metaphors

What a merit were it in death to take this
poor maid from the world! What corruption
in this life, that it will let this man live!

What a merit were it in death to take this
poor maid from the world! What corruption in this
life, that it will let this man live!Antithesis
But how out of this
can she avail?
Duke, as Friar
It is a rupture that you may easily heal,
and the cure of it not only saves your brother, but
keeps you from dishonor in doing it.Metaphor

Show me how, good father.
Duke, as Friar
This forenamed maid hath yet in her
the continuance of her first affection. His unjust
unkindness, that in all reason should have
quenched her love, hath, like an impediment in the
current, made it more violent and unruly.Simile
Go you to
Angelo, answer his requiring with a plausible obedience,
agree with his demands to the point. Only
refer yourself to this advantage: first, that your stay
with him may not be long, that the time may have all
shadow and silence in it, and the place answer to
convenience. This being granted in course, and
now follows all: we shall advise this wronged maid
to stead up your appointment, go in your place. If
the encounter acknowledge itself hereafter, it may
compel him to her recompense; and here, by this, is
your brother saved, your honor untainted, the poor
Mariana advantaged, and the corrupt deputy
The maid will I frame and make fit for his
attempt. If you think well to carry this as you may,
the doubleness of the benefit defends the deceit
from reproof.Alliteration
What think you of it?
The image of it gives me content already, and
I trust it will grow to a most prosperous perfection.
Duke, as Friar
It lies much in your holding up. Haste
you speedily to Angelo.Anthimeria
If for this night he entreat
you to his bed, give him promise of satisfaction. I
will presently to Saint Luke’s. There at the moated
grange resides this dejected Mariana. At that place
call upon me, and dispatch with Angelo that it may
be quickly.
I thank you for this comfort. Fare you well,
good father.
 She exits. The Duke remains.

Act 3
Scene 1
Line 250

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