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But where is Kate? Where is my lovely bride?

But where is Kate? Where is my lovely bride?
How does my father? Gentles, methinks you frown.
And wherefore gaze this goodly company
As if they saw some wondrous monument,
Some comet or unusual prodigy?
Why, sir, you know this is your wedding day.
First were we sad, fearing you would not come,
Now sadder that you come so unprovided.
Fie, doff this habit, shame to your estate,
An eyesore to our solemn festival.
Tranio, as Lucentio
And tell us what occasion of import
Hath all so long detained you from your wife
And sent you hither so unlike yourself.
Tedious it were to tell, and harsh to hear.
Sufficeth I am come to keep my word,
Though in some part enforcèd to digress,
Which at more leisure I will so excuse
As you shall well be satisfied with all.
But where is Kate? I stay too long from her.
The morning wears. ’Tis time we were at church.
Tranio, as Lucentio
See not your bride in these unreverent robes.
Go to my chamber, put on clothes of mine.
Not I, believe me. Thus I’ll visit her.
But thus, I trust, you will not marry her.
Good sooth, even thus. Therefore, ha’ done with words.
To me she’s married, not unto my clothes.
Could I repair what she will wear in me,
As I can change these poor accoutrements,
’Twere well for Kate and better for myself.
But what a fool am I to chat with you
When I should bid good morrow to my bride
And seal the title with a lovely kiss!
Petruchio exits, with Grumio.

Act 3
Scene 2
Line 93

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