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Andronicus, stain not thy tomb with blood.

Andronicus, stain notHyperbaton thy tomb with blood.
Wilt thou draw near the nature of the gods?Rhetorical Question
Draw near them then in being merciful.
Sweet mercy is nobility's true badge.Metaphor
Thrice-noble TitusAlliteration, spare my first-born son.
Titus Andronicus
Patient yourself, madam, and pardon me.
These are their brethren whom your Goths beheld
Alive and dead, and for their brethren slainAnastrophe
Religiously they ask a sacrifice.
To this your son is marked, and die he must,
T' appease their groaning shadows that are goneMetaphor.
Away with himEllipsis, and make a fire straight,
And with our swords upon a pile of wood
Let's hew his limbs till they be clean consumedAnastrophe.
Exit Titus' sons with Alarbus.
Tamora, rising and speaking aside to her sons
O cruel, irreligious piety!Anapodoton & Oxymoron
Chiron, aside to Tamora and Demetrius 
Was never Scythia half so barbarous!Hyperbaton & Allusion