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An untimely ague Stayed me a prisoner in my chamber

An untimely ague
Stayed me a prisoner in my chamber when
Those suns of glory, those two lights of men,Anaphora, Pun & Metaphor
Met in the vale of Andren.
’Twixt Guynes and Arde.
I was then present, saw them salute on horseback,
Beheld them when they lighted, how they clung
In their embracement, as they grew together—
Which had they, what four throned ones could have weighed
Such a compounded one?Erotema


All the whole time
I was my chamber’s prisoner.Personification
Then you lost
The view of earthly glory. Men might say
Till this time pomp was single, but now married
To one above itself. Each following day
Became the next day’s master, till the last
Made former wonders its.Personification & Metaphor

The two kings,
Equal in luster, were now best, now worst,
As presence did present them

Today the French,
All clinquant, all in gold,Anaphora like heathen gods,Simile
Shone down the English, and tomorrow they
Made Britain India:Metaphor every man that stood
Showed like a mine. Their dwarfish pages were
As cherubins, all gilt.Similes
The madams too,
Not used to toil, did almost sweat to bear
The pride upon them, that their very labor
Was to them as a painting.Similes
Now this masque
Was cried incomparable; and th’ ensuing night
Made it a fool and beggar.Metaphor
The two kings,
Equal in luster, Anaphorawere now best, now worst,Apposition

As presence did present them: him in eye
Still him in praise; and being present both,Polyptoton

’Twas said they saw but one, and no discerner
Durst wag his tongue in censure. When these suns—
For so they phrase ’em—by their heralds challenged
The noble spirits to arms,Metaphor & Parenthesis
they did perform
Beyond thought’s compass, that former fabulous story,
Being now seen possible enough,Apposition got credit
That Bevis was believed.
O, you go far.

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