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Achilles will not to the field tomorrow

Achilles will not to the field tomorrow.
What's his excuse?
He doth rely on none,
But carries on the stream of his dispose,
Without observance or respect of any,
In will peculiar and in self-admission.
Why, will he not, upon our fair request,
Untent his person and share th' air with us?
Things small as nothing, for request's sake only,
He makes important. Possessed he is with greatness
And speaks not to himself but with a pride
That quarrels at self-breath. Imagined worth
Holds in his blood such swoll'n and hot discourse
That ‘twixt his mental and his active parts
Kingdomed Achilles in commotion rages
And batters down himself. What should I say?
He is so plaguy proud that the death-tokens of it
Cry “No recovery.”

Act 2
Scene 3
Line 169

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