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This is most strange

This is most strange,
That she whom even but now was your best object,
The argument of your praise, balm of your age,
The best, the dearest, should in this trice of time
Commit a thing so monstrous to dismantle
So many folds of favor. Sure her offense
Must be of such unnatural degree
That monsters it, or your forevouched affection
Fall into taint; which to believe of her
Must be a faith that reason without miracle
Should never plant in me.
Cordelia, to Lear
I yet beseech your Majesty—
If for I want that glib and oily art
To speak and purpose not, since what I well intend
I'll do ‘t before I speak—that you make known
It is no vicious blot, murder, or foulness,
No unchaste action or dishonored step
That hath deprived me of your grace and favor,
But even for want of that for which I am richer:
A still-soliciting eye and such a tongue
That I am glad I have not, though not to have it
Hath lost me in your liking.
King Lear
Better thou
Hadst not been born than not t' have pleased me better.

Act 1
Scene 1
Line 245

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