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I will something affect the letter, for it argues facility

I will something affect the letter, for it argues facility.
The preyful princess pierced and pricked a pretty pleasing pricket,
Some say a sore, but not a sore till now made sore with shooting.
The dogs did yell. Put “l: to “sore,” then sorel jumps from thicket,
Or pricket sore, or else sorel. The people fall a-hooting.
If sore be sore, then “L” to “sore” makes fifty sores o' sorel.
Of one sore I an hundred make by adding but one more “L.”
A rare talent.
Dull aside
If a talent be a claw, look how he claws him with a talent.
This is a gift that I have, simple, simple —
a foolish extravagant spirit, full of forms,
figures, shapes, objects, ideas, apprehensions, motions,
revolutions. These are begot in the ventricle
of memory, nourished in the womb of pia mater,
and delivered upon the mellowing of occasion. But
the gift is good in those in whom it is acute, and I
am thankful for it.
Sir, I praise the Lord for you, and so may
my parishioners, for their sons are well tutored by
you, and their daughters profit very greatly under
you. You are a good member of the commonwealth.
Mehercle, if their sons be ingenious,
they shall want no instruction; if their daughters be
capable, I will put it to them.But Vir sapis qui pauca
loquitur. A soul feminine saluteth us.

Act 4
Scene 2
Line 65

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