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Friar Peter

To speak so indirectlyI am loath

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To speak so indirectly I am loath.Hyperbaton
I would say the truth, but to accuse him so
That is your part; yet I am advised to do it,
He says, to veil full purpose.

I should not think it strange, for ’tis a physic
That’s bitter to sweet end.

Be ruled by him.
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Act 4
Scene 6
Line 1

Spoken by:
, ,

Figures of Speech:

Come, cousin Angelo, In this I’ll be impartial

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Come, cousin Angelo,
In this I’ll be impartial. Be you judge
Of your own cause.  Duke and Angelo are seated.
 Enter Mariana, veiled.
Is this the witness, friar?
First, let her show her face, and after speak.
Pardon, my lord, I will not show my face
Until my husband bid me.
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