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About myShakespeare.me

I can no other answer make but thanks,
And thanks, and ever thanks 

myShakespeare.me is an avocation and a love — my retirement hobby. This tool helps me deepen my understanding and appreciation of William Shakespeare – his work, his life, and the period in which he lived. While this is myShakespeare.me, you are welcome to wander the website. If you have suggestions, corrections, complaints or questions, please send your thoughts through the Contact page.
— John McGinnis

Attribution and Gratitude

Thanks to my daughter Michelle McGinnis of Friendly Web Consulting, who designed and developed this website. Friendly specialises in designing, developing and maintaining WordPress websites for a diverse group of individuals, companies and organisations that appear in its Portfolio.


And for you who'd like to broaden your appreciation of poetry beyond the Bard, visit Michelle's website on her favorite poems, The Gladdest Thing.

Thanks to the Folger Shakespeare Library whose editions of Shakespeare's works are the sources of most of the passages that appear on this website. For more on the Folger editions, read the Note on the Sources. In addition to the wealth of information found at www.folger.edu, the Folger Shakespeare Library, in partnership with other research institutions, also provides generous access to resources at ancillary websites:

Thanks to Northwestern University Knight Lab for their open-source software TimelineJS, which makes the Shakespeare Timelines possible.